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Martial Arts Classes

Welcome to Innovative Martial Arts, your premier destination for martial arts classes in Jackson and Bordentown, New Jersey.

We offer a wide range of programs designed to cater to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Led by Master Evan Turner, our experienced and highly decorated instructor, we are dedicated to helping each student reach their true potential both physically and mentally, equipping them with skills and confidence that will benefit them for a lifetime. Contact us today to find the right program for you!

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Learn Taekwondo, Karate, and MMA

Discover the world of martial arts at Innovative Martial Arts in Jackson and Bordentown, NJ. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that gives equal emphasis to learning disciplines like Taekwondo, Karate, and MMA. Whether you're interested in basic self-defense or aspire to excel in a specific art form, our experienced instructors will guide you through intense exercises focused on improving physical fitness, mental resilience, and technical prowess. Experience holistic growth as you engage with the martial arts that resonate with your goals.


Karate for Kids

Our Karate for Kids program is specifically designed to introduce young children aged 4-12 years old to the fundamentals of martial arts in a safe and supportive environment. Through engaging lessons that focus on discipline, respect, coordination, and concentration, we aim to instill valuable life skills while building confidence within each child.

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Martial Arts for Teens and Adults

Our martial arts classes are not limited exclusively to kids - we also provide comprehensive training opportunities for teenagers and adults alike. Whether you have prior experience or are starting from scratch, our program offers a perfect blend of traditional techniques with modern applications. This allows students the chance to develop self-defense skills while improving flexibility, strength, agility & balance.

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Develop Discipline, Confidence, and Respect

At Innovative Martial Arts, we prioritize helping our students develop essential values such as discipline, respect & confidence - qualities that set us apart from other training centers. Our structured curriculum not only focuses on mastering techniques but also encompasses teaching the correct attitude and ethics towards family and society at large. With timely promotions based on skill level assessments and belt gradings coupled with practice sessions involving real-world scenarios – personalized attention and encouragement foster self-belief leading them onto a path towards a bright future.


Enhance Fitness Levels

Our martial arts classes go beyond just skill development; we are dedicated to enhancing the overall fitness levels of our students. Engaging in our training sessions will lead to improved cardiovascular stamina, muscle gain, better flexibility, and more. Our certified instructors design specialized programs & workouts that make every session challenging yet fun-filled, resulting in exciting growth and development for each student.


Empower Yourself, Empower Your Community

Innovative Martial Arts believes strongly in the transformative power of martial arts beyond personal progress. Programs instill strong principles such as mutual respect, tolerance, and civic responsibility. We aim for students not just to be leaders inside our academy but outside it too. Teamwork communication, and social interaction skills developed within our programs foster greater understanding among peers and stronger communities.

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Are you ready to begin or continue your journey with martial arts? Innovative Martial Arts is proud to offer high-quality martial arts classes in Jackson and Bordentown. Contact us today to speak with a helpful member of our team and to find the right program for you!

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